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Wrong Fuel in car needed rescuing near me NSW Sydney

Petrol in Diesel Fuel Rescue If you put wrong fuel in car 

  • Can Rescue 98% of Wrong Fuel in Cars

  • Fast Professional Diesel in Petrol Rescue

  • Assisting a Wide Range of Locations

  • Cost Effective Roadside Fuel Rescue

  • Petrol in Diesel Engine & Tank Draining

Put Petrol into a Diesel Engine at the service station

The effects of petrol in a diesel car


Part of the problem with putting petrol into a diesel car is that diesel acts as a lubricant for the fuel system, so running petrol that's been mixed with diesel fuel will starve the system of lubrication, eventually destroying the engine components. If you notice abnormal sounds just after filling up, or shuttering, there is a chance you are driving with the wrong fuel in your car and may need our fuel rescue service.

Jamie Baxter is one of our customers who described the following common symptoms just after pulling over: "My car wouldn't turn back on, after tracing back my steps, all I could think of is that, I must have put petrol in my beloved diesel car, I have never done anything like this before. I was on my way to the Airport and I'm so thankful that Chris was able to come out to my location and rescue me straight away. He put my mind at ease and the car was driving fine again right after."

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Recovering from Petrol into a Diesel Car

Refuelling is something that many of us do on autopilot. To make it worse there are no specific requirements for fuel nozzle colours. However the number one way people put the wrong fuel in their cars, is usually not paying attention, and most of the time not the service stations fault.

Filling up with the wrong fuel can happen to anyone, it’s a simple mistake that can turn into a big problem, if not dealt with correctly. Calling a tow truck and hoping to find an available, reasonably priced mechanic nearby, then waiting to hear the total cost and time frame is just one way to fix putting the wrong fuel in a car. If you find yourself in this difficult position, we have an efficient fuel rescue service to conduct fuel tank draining at the roadside. Call 0481 011 117

Need a fuel rescue service? Do not turn on your engine

Adding petrol to diesel engines has transformed over the past 10 years, becoming a more common problem. Our advice to prevent mixing petrol with diesel in the future, is to try and use service stations your already familiar with. Fuel dispenser nozzles are normally labelled consistently, between fuel stations that are the same brand, or try having a wrong fuel device fitted to your car, which should minimise the chance of putting petrol into diesel and needing a fuel rescue service in the future.

Why you should keep your car switched off


As described above, accidentally using petrol in a diesel engine will have a detrimental effect on your car. However the other way around if diesel is added to petrol, it will begin to clog the engine parts, including the fuel injectors. Your car will become sluggish as it struggles to run, probably soon the car won't start, because it can't properly inject fuel into the combustion chamber. If you have started the engine and driven for any length of time, you could have expensive repair issues...


For petrol into diesel cars: Serious damage is particularly common, as petrol can ruin some very expensive diesel engine components, such as the fuel pump and fuel injectors, petrol into diesel is likely to cause extensive damage, if it’s not caught quickly enough. Thankfully it's a rare problem but if it happens to you, and you’re fortunate enough to realise your mistake, call us to have the problem fixed as timing is key. The longer the engine runs with the incorrect fuel, the worse the problems are likely to become. The key to minimising damage is to not run the engine as soon as you realise.

Unsure if you have put the wrong fuel in your car?


For some additional clue's to figure out if you have put the wrong fuel in your car,  you might already know that diesel nozzles are larger than petrol ones. If you really had to force the pump nozzle to get it in, it could mean you just put diesel into a petrol car by mistake. Many vehicle filler necks have been designed to help prevent putting diesel in a petrol car. With most types wrong fuel in cars, we rescue you, to get you back on the road and going fairly quick.

More about wrong fuel in car symptoms click here.

Unsure what type of fuel contamination click here.

Adblue in diesel fuel tank? Get rescued click here.

We carry a wide range of equipment to rescue most vehicles at the roadside. We are experts at getting the wrong fuel out of your car, we offer a quicker, cheaper alternative to a tow truck and mechanical workshop so your car won't be off the road.

We all make mistakes from time to time, but it's important to try not to start the car, to avoid serious damage. If it's been started or driven turn it off as soon as possible and we will have you back on the road in no time.

Rescue Fuel Removal & Wrong Fuel Draining operating hours

A doctor puts the wrong fuel into a brand new Mercedes S-Class.

I was just so used to driving a petrol car for so many years, he explained.

Being a Sunday I guess I was just in relaxation mode, and not thinking.

"I'm too scared to call the dealership, I don't know what they're going to say, seeing as I've had it for less than a month."

It happened while heading up north, on the way to my holiday house, I was also unfamiliar with that particular service station, which didn't help.

With a hand on his forehead the Dr. said, he didn't know if he was going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, all for such a simple mistake.

"While I was waiting for you to arrive I found out that the dealership would have added an extra zero to the price, that's why I was laughing when you got here."

"I can't thank you enough, I actually started thinking about booking into a hotel room, while waiting to see if the local repair garage opens on Monday morning. This is great; I'll still make it to my holiday home by the afternoon and from now on I've learnt my lesson; I'm always going to double check, so I never put petrol in my car again."

In situations like the one above, for obvious reasons, many customers choose to use a mobile fuel draining service. If there's one available in your location, then removing petrol from a diesel car can be done at the roadside, saving you both time and money, call to find an available technician in your area.


Give us a call for help in your area. We service a broad range of locations other than what's listed here so it's best to call; we also offer assistance on The Central Coast, Maitland, Newcastle, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Katoomba, Goulburn, Port Macquarie, Taree, Sydney, Muswellbrook, Singleton, Blacktown, Nelson Bay, Forster, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Gosford, Wyong, Hornsby, Bowral, Moss Vale, Kiama, Nowra, NSW North Coast, Central West, North West, Hunter, Illawarra, Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches, Canberra, Castle Hill... 

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