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Wrong Fuel Draining Newcastle, We Rescue You.

  • Local Wrong Fuel & Roadside Rescue

  • Contaminated Fuel System Draining

  • Wrong Fuel 24hrs Newcastle Rescue

Diesel Fuel Tank Monitoring

Wrong Fuel Draining & Rescue In Newcastle


Wrong fuel in Newcastle is becoming an increasingly common problem. The potential for costly repairs and even complete engine failure can make it a major concern. Most people know they shouldn't mix petrol and diesel fuels, but are unaware that using the wrong type of fuel can also lead to major problems.

If the wrong type of fuel is used in your car, it can damage your engine and other fuel system components, leading to costly repairs.

If petrol is put into a diesel car, take these steps to have your vehicle drained and rescued at the roadside. Make sure the car is switched off, then call for our rescue hotline for 24 hour wrong fuel draining 0481011117.

For more about the wrong fuel in your car or for fast roadside rescue options click here

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