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Water in your car's engine?


Whatever the reason having water in your fuel system can be completely unexpected, and normally occurs when it's least convenient the following experience from one of our lovely customers highlights the issue:

Sandy had been driving for hours, and she was exhausted. She had been on the road for days, and just wanted to make it to her destination. So, when she saw a storm heading her way, the decision was made to push through. Little did she know, the storm was much worse than anticipated. By the time she made it, the roads were flooded. She managed to make it through but was now worried about her vehicle. She parked the car, but not before noticing that there was a dash light indicating water in fuel. The next day, Sandy took the car to the mechanic and found out that the fuel system was full of water. The mechanic explained that the water had come from the rain that had flooded the roads and the water had been sucked up into the vehicle's fuel system. Sandy was shocked and disappointed. She had no idea how she was going to pay for the repairs, and he felt like she had made a big mistake by driving through the flooded roads. But the mechanic was nice enough to give our contact number so that we could get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. Sandy was relieved and grateful for his kindness. From then on, she was advised to always be aware of the weather and to always take the safest route.

In recent years, there have been numerous incidents of service stations not maintaining their fuel tanks properly, leading to customers unknowingly receiving both contaminated diesel and petrol. This can be extremely dangerous, as the water mixed in with the fuel can cause a number of issues, from clogging up filters to causing damage to engines. When the large underground fuel tanks at the fuel stations are not maintained properly, water can begin to build up, which can then be mixed in with diesel and or petrol.


This can obviously contaminate the fuel, and unknowingly be supplied to customers. In some cases, leading to customers’ vehicles breaking down. In order to avoid these issues, service stations should ensure that their fuel tanks are maintained properly and regularly checked. This includes emptying and cleaning the tanks at regular intervals, as well as ensuring they are free from any leaks or damage. Such measures will help to avoid any water being mixed in with the fuel, and help ensure that customers receive only the best quality fuel. In the event that a customer does receive contaminated fuel, there are some service stations that provide compensation for any damage caused, or offer to top up the customers tank with clean fuel. If you believe that you have somehow got water in your fuel system particularly in a diesel vehicle, there in almost always a very small amount of water in diesel fuel from the moment that you buy it at the pump, the water can build up over time in the fuel system which may require draining and maintenance. Give us a call to get your fuel system drained now.

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