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Nrma can offer towing when diesel and petrol are mixed together

            Drain the wrong fuel, adblue, or excess water from your fuel tank.           

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Put Petrol into a Diesel Car?
or Diesel into a Petrol Car?
PH: 0481 011 117

How do you drain the fuel out of my car?


We carry specialised equipment for removing fuel from 97% of vehicles. In the case that your car is not on our list of accessible vehicles, it's likely the entire fuel tank will need to be removed at a mechanical work shop.

How to drain my fuel tank?

For the vast majority of cars and situations, you will require specialist equipment and someone with experience, not to mention the safety factors involved, if you are too far for a mobile fuel draining service to respond, then we recommend finding a local repair service.  Read More

Where is the drain plug on my fuel tank?

We rarely see cars with drain plugs today, and do not recommend trying to mess with the fuel tank if you are unsure. Try calling our roadside assistance on 0481011117, or a tow truck to take your car to a mechanic.

What if I'm unsure of what type of fuel I've put in my vehicle?

First of all you should try and contact the service station for a record of your purchase.

Some of the common symptoms of wrong fuel in a car are if you just filled up and the car is running rough, loss of power, smoking exhaust, followed by it turns off by itself, and is difficult to restart or won't restart at all.

We recommend retracing your steps to see if you can remember which bowser nozzle you picked up when you refilled the car.  Read More?

Will it be a problem if I have put AdBlue in my fuel tank?

AdBlue is not designed to mix with diesel or petrol in this way, if added directly to the fuel tank do not drive, you risk serious engine damage as it can crystalize in the fuel system causing further mechanical problems.  Read More?

Understanding AdBlue in diesel vehicles

AdBlue can sometimes be added by mistake to the fuel system, please understand that AdBlue is not a fuel additive, it has a separate tank and is not to be added to the fuel system, as it's an exhaust fluid designed to decrease harmful emissions. If you have added it to the fuel tank do not switch on the ignition.

Water in diesel fuel?

Water in a fuel tank with create problems with fuel injectors, even less than a cup of water can cause engine problems and degrade engine performance, get the fuel tank drained before trying to drive.

Should I call a tow truck to take my car to a nearby mechanic for a few days?

That's one option; there are also mobile alternatives that come out to you, which can be faster and more convenient. Call us on 0481011117 for reliable wrong fuel tank draining done on the spot.

What locations do you service in Australia?

Other than covering the larger part of NSW, we also have a network of mechanics that operate in Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and the Gold Coast, that we can put you in contact with, however their availability varies. We offer a fast service for the NSW North Coast, Central West, North West, Hunter, Illawarra, Sutherland Shire, and Northern Beaches Sydney, Southern Highlands & Blue Mountains.

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