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Fuel Contamination in your car


Whatever the reason having contaminated fuel in your car be completely unexpected, and normally when it's least convenient.

While fuel contamination can be a tricky subject the truth is that it's normally due to some form of human error. We have seen situations where water and dirt has built up over time in the underground service station supply tank, causing misfiring and eventually stopping altogether of the unsuspecting customer’s vehicles just after they filled up at the pump.

There has also been the odd case of a fuel transport tanker filling petrol into a service stations diesel tank, causing numerous problems.

If the form of fuel contamination you’re experiencing is on a small scale, or only subtle, it may have only affected one or two vehicle's that filled up at a similar time. While identifying the exact type of contamination caused, and who is responsible can be difficult, the quickest way to deal with it, is normally just to get your entire fuel system drained plus cleaned out, this is obviously the primary step to take, and in many cases will rectify the problem. 

For more about the wrong fuel in your car or for fast roadside rescue options click here

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